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RIAA to take up virii/worm reporting mechanism

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  • RIAA to take up virii/worm reporting mechanism

    Okay.. this has long been muffled over with regards to them being allowed to do it, as a means fo proactive copyright enforcement. What is interesting is that with multiple unstopped hacks over the past 5 months.. they want to go after this.

    A comment was made on that if 20% of the some 6 million p2p users know how to program, then RIAA will have hell to pay. Well, the numbers are a little generous in my opinion... but I do agree that it is surprising to see RIAA so focused in the wrong direction
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.

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    this is certainly not the technique one should take so overtly... it could end up costing a lot more than it was intended, or even worth...


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      Sanity Check time. does anyone actually think this is true?

      I don't know gobbles, nor anyone that associates with him/them. but from everything I've read/heard (his talk at dc10 was great) from him/them (ie other advisories), I don't buy it.

      anyone have the facts on this (besides the article and the advisory that generated this thread)?
      -- jedi


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        According to this article at SecurityNewsPortal it is a hoax.


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          hahaha that explains my curiousity then

          I found it odd that so many places were reporting pretty much the same thing, but every writeup was an "original" for the site, without giving credit to an actual source.. as sources like reuters or the AP didn't even touch it.

          Another oddity was how technical some portions of the writeups got.. where most media folk either don't care, or don't understand

          On the other hand... I wouldn't put it past RIAA to try and pull something like this.

          Good catch J3di, apprentice...
          if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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            It doesn't really matter now does it? Any news source wouldn't say it if it wasn't true? Right? Sheeple believe anything these days. If enough people believe it, it is true.


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              regardless, it will get the people thinking. but sadly, which way they will think in 5 minutes will again be defined by the media.

              to me, it seemed like the one of the best/largest not threatening social eng stunts I've seen.
              -- jedi


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                Personally I think Gooble is laffin right now... HE make a Joke in a Advistory and everyone take his word for FACT...

                Oh well ppl from RIAA if you read this post, If i was you I WOULD SUE!!! SUE!!! SUE!!! :D
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                  a couple more urls regarding the hoax

                  Hackers Humble Security Experts
                  RIAA calls hacking claim a hoax


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                    "I poisoned P2P networks for the RIAA" - whistleblower