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  • Defcon FAQ

    I have been trying to put together a Defcon FAQ over the last few weeks. I would like your input. What questions should be answered? Please be serious, and stay on topic. Thanks in Advance.
    .: Grifter :.

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    Can I really walk around for 3 days with liquor in my hand and no one will say anything?

    What happens to me if i fall asleep on the ground, or on a lounge chair by the pool?

    What are the channels for defcon TV? why doesn't someone press play when the DVD is just sitting there? Why are all the channels blue?

    Why aren't there any tents this year at defcon? Where are we all going to fit?

    here are some things we see floating around that would work great in a faq.

    cost of defcon pass, what the pass is good for(like number of days).

    cost of AP, when to call back to get a better deal.

    age requirements of attendees

    is it ok to bring a parent, or legal guardian?

    do you have to show your ID at anytime if you aren't buying liquor? (other than the hotel checkin)

    what is the fed to hacker ratio?

    what is the paranoia level at defcon?

    should I jump into the pool? should i enter the pool after the first day at defcon?

    what is a goon? what do they do? why are they telling me to move out of the way?

    how do i spot the fed? who do i tell?

    what happens if I am caught doing something dumb, plain stupid, illegal? Do you call the cops?

    Are there rent-a-cops at defcon? Are they smart?

    Can I touch the girls walking around? where do they come from?

    Why is priest so big? He scares me.

    should i leave my stuff laying around? Or will it be sniped the minute i tie my bootlaces?

    Should i consider wearing anything other than black AND not be continuously fingered as a fed?

    Why is the pool purple? Why is the pool bubbly? Why are there naked people in the pool? should I join them? Are those whales?

    I don't go out in the sun much, should I bring sun lotion?

    What is hacker jeopardy? who is Winn? who is VV and BB?

    Why do people drink at defcon?

    Will there ever be another strippercon?

    Will I get laid at defcon?

    Should I bring anything "special" to defcon?

    Should I bring my guns to defcon?

    Should I bring my WaReZ to defcon?

    Should I bring my computer to defcon? I don't have a laptop just a big beast that needs wheels.

    What is a NOC? Why can't I go in there?

    What is FRS?

    Why should I be careful when walking near the pools?

    Should I let a bunch of people stay in my room that I have never met and probably will never see again? Can I really trust them?

    Are there sufficient outlets and network jacks for everyone?

    Can I get internet at defcon? Is there wireless access at defcon? who should i not connect to, and what should I be connecting to?

    Can i take pictures/video footage at defcon?

    Who do i tell if i see something bad going on?

    What is closing ceremonies? Why should I stay and watch it?

    How should I set up my schedule for the ultimate defcon trip?

    Why does no one seem to sleep at defcon?

    Do we have to listen to the security guards telling us to get out of the pool at 4 am in the morning?

    what is a sharpie?

    what is 0wn3d?

    What is a Scavenger hunt?

    What is a SW (scenewhore)?

    I am a girl. Tee hee worship me Tee Hee.

    There are so many talks, which should I choose?

    How can I contribute to defcon?

    I want to be someone's bitch, who do I ask?

    Why is no one talking to me?

    Where do a lot of people go at night?

    Where do I get food other than the AP?

    Why do I keep getting lost with the conference room names?

    What time can I pick up my badge?

    Do you take checks, cheques, credit cards, paypal, promises?

    Should i bring food to eat at defcon?

    Around how much should I bring if I want to have a decent time at defcon? What is a decent time at defcon?

    what do all the different badges mean ?

    can i walk around defcon with my gun on my crossdraw vest?

    can i shoot things at random as long as they aren't people?

    what if i am too fat to skydive, should I still try? what if I am afraid of heights?

    should I color my hair especially for defcon?

    why is the media in defcon? why are they asking me quesetions? should i tell them about all my WaReZ and my 'sploitz and 0dayz?

    What is CTF?

    What is WarDriving?

    Do we have a prayer service on Sunday morning?

    Where can I find kosher food at defcon?

    Should I bring my own water/beer/liquor?

    Should i walk around with knives, stun guns?

    Should I walk around with a pimproll of money?

    Should I use the ATM at the AP?

    Is there another ATM nearby?

    How long do I have to wait at the damned checkin line? Why are people cutting in front of me?

    Someone just pushed me on the ground, what should I do?

    I like talking like a gangster but look more like a fool, will I be made fun of?

    Where are all the bathrooms located at defcon?

    How stupid do I have to get before I get my ass canned from defcon for life? Will they really remember me the next year?

    I saw a piece of paper that says to do bad things at defcon... should i do them?

    Why is there no pr0n at defcon, i h4x0red the TV and no pr0n flicks!

    Where are all the midgets?

    What is bawls?

    What is redbull?

    Should I give people my boots if they ask for them and I never met them in my life?

    I live in florida, i want to take a bus all the way to defcon when should I leave? oh and i don't have money.

    why are there so many cool people at defcon, yet i feel uncool?

    how many pieces of clothing should I bring to defcon?

    Is las vegas hot in the summer?

    Is defcon indoors or outdoors?

    why is everyone wearing black?

    why don't the girls seem to like the boys ?

    why do the boys seem to like the boys?

    how do I reserve my room at the AP a year in advance?

    what do I get for 75$USD?

    Do i have to know linux at defcon?

    Why are people acting crazy at defcon?

    where can i get video footage of defcon, I want to see if I can see myself?

    can I buy firearms at defcon?

    what can I buy at defcon?


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      What's with the black and white ball?

      What if I have an idea for an event?

      Is there a place I can lock up my laptop?

      If I want to get away from the con for dinner, how far are the restaurants?

      Do the taxis rip you off?

      What if I lose my Defcon badge?

      Will I still get into Defcon if my plane is late?

      I don't have blue hair or tatoos, will I still be welcomed?

      Can I bring a camera or video?


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        I believe the answer to all questions posted above and below is:

        Yes... No.. I mean sometimes

        And there you have it the answers to all your questions about defcon. OH you wanted to know about defcon11, sorry I haven't been to that one yet, can't help you there.



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          Okay, now that I have a ton of DC questions, what about common security/hacker questions?

          btw, thanks blackwave.
          .: Grifter :.


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            Originally posted by Grifter
            Okay, now that I have a ton of DC questions, what about common security/hacker questions?

            btw, thanks blackwave.
            don't thank me yet ;) ;) :D :D

            :quell the "hacker" rumors...

            how do i learn how to hack?

            what is a newbie?

            where do I start?

            how do i star hacking in 24 hours or less?

            Is there a hacking for dummies?

            what is a geek?

            what is a nerd?

            what is a hacker?

            what is cracker?

            what is a phreaker?

            what is a pirate?

            what is courier?

            what is a script kiddie?

            what is zero day (0day)?

            what is white hat?

            what is black hat?

            what is gray hat?

            what is red hat?

            how many hats are there?

            how many hats can one person wear?

            why are they called hats?

            what is project mayhem?

            how does someone get 0wn3d?

            how do i know if i am a hacker?

            do hackers ever sleep?

            what are ethical hackers?

            what are hackers for hire?

            what is a tiger team?

            what is a pen test?

            what is hpvac?

            what is leet?

            what is 1337?

            what is TCP/IP?

            what is UDP?

            what is IRC?

            what is p2p?

            what is warez?

            how long have hackers been around?

            is there a directory of well known hackers?

            do hackers look like everyone else?

            are hackers bad?

            are hackers good?

            why do hackers hack?

            what are sploits?

            what is the difference between an exploit and a vulnerability?

            what is a protocol?

            what is a firewall?

            what is a router?

            I just read my first copy of maximum security, am I a hacker?

            I just read my first copy of hacking exposed, am I a hacker?

            what is information warfare?

            how can I be 1337?

            I have 0wn3d thousands of sites, am I a hacker now?

            do hackers ever get laid?

            are all hackers gay?

            do hackers know all network protocols like they know rosie?

            do all hackers know octal/hex/binary and can do mathematical operations in their head at the drop of a dime?

            do all hackers watch wargames, sneakers, and the matrix?

            can a hacker be someone that isn't into computers?

            how do I meet a hacker, or other hackers?

            do I need to dye my hair to be a hacker?

            do girl hackers exist? how do I find them? Are they hot?

            what are hackers favorite movies?

            \x/ ]-[ `/ [) () |o |o 1 \x/R173 11|<3 7H15????

            Are there schools for hackers?

            What do hackers do?

            can i get a job as a hacker?

            Do hackers work in security?

            Can I do the stuff that i saw on swordfish? That was cool.

            do all hackers get head while trying to crack a flash app?

            Are all hackers evil?

            Why does the media give hackers a bad rap?

            why can hacker mean so many things?

            how do you write hacker in japanese?

            What is reverse engineering?

            what is the DMCA?

            what is the DCMA?

            What is the RIAA?

            What is 2600?

            what is Defcon?

            Why don't all hackers get a long?

            Can I wardial and backdoor my way into NORAD?

            what is a redbox? why do these seem like old questions?

            Is the anarchist's cookbook used today? Jolly roger? poor man james bond?

            what is echelon?

            what is tempest?

            what is DCS100?

            what are some good hacker books?

            i like hacker fiction, but is any of it true?

            do I have to know linux to be a hacker?

            what is hackerism?

            what are hacker ethics?

            where can I read more on hackers?

            Are all hackers bad?

            Are any hackers bad?

            Why do hackers hate script kiddies?

            what are good resources for hackers in terms of tools?

            what are good resources for hackers in terms of reading material?

            what are good resources for hackers in terms of tutorials?

            why does everyone hate windows?

            i went to defcon, am I a hacker now?

            how can i meet kevin mitnick?

            how can i become an apostle in this Bible?

            can I pay you to hack into my gf/wife/bf/husband's hotmail? he is cheating on me... I think

            what is your AIM, so I can annoy you 24/7 when I think of a hacker question to ask you?

            why don't all the hackers like talking to me?

            why do i get flamed on hacker boards? I try really hard not to.

            how can i be like zerocool and meet my acidburn?

            I use p2p apps (for mp3, pdf, exe, rar, par, zip), is that hacking?

            how do I meet other hackers JUST LIKE me?

            how do I meet other hackers that hack?

            why are hackers so paranoid?

            why do some hackers refuse to use real names?

            do hackers actually work for the us government? do they know this?

            what is the average age range for a hacker?

            do feds really hire hackers to find other hackers?

            I think I am a hacker, how do I know for sure?

            what do hackers do when they are not hacking?


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              What are BAWLS?

              What is an IP address?

              What is a DoS (Denial of Service) Attack?

              Is that hacking?

              What are other Attacks and why do people use them?

              Why did someone just break into my computer, I did nothing to them?

              What is a port?

              How bout if I use a Port Scanner, is that hacking?

              Do you guys go around just messing with people, is that what hacking is?

              What is *nix?

              What is the Best OS to use to hack?

              I have all these programs I use (BO, SubSeven, E-mail Bomber, etc.), but people still say I am not a hacker. Why is that?

              What is IRC?

              What does all the stuff in an email header mean?

              Who was the first hacker?

              Where do Hackers come from?

              When did Hacking First begin?

              Why do you all like penguins so much?

              What is Wardriving?

              What does X X X Acronym mean?

              Is Cryptography really that hard to learn?

              What is a trojan, worm, virus, logic bomb?

              How do I secure (protect) my network, pc, etc. ?

              What is the best computer language to start learning with first?

              What is Social Engineering?

              Is it legal to hack?

              What is a shell?

              What are AntiOnline and Happy Hacker?

              Who are JP and Caroline?

              What is the New Hacker's Dictionary?

              What are Proxies?

              How do I hide myself and Stay Anonymous on the internet?

              If I goto Defcon does that make me a hacker?


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                Does Blackwave have more questions or answers?


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                  Originally posted by blackwave

                  do hackers ever sleep?
                  or better yet ...
                  do hackers dream of electric sheep?




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                    Maybe we need to address the newbies who are expecting something else as well. Such things I have heard are:

                    I am under 18, will you get my room for me?

                    I am under 18, will you buy me beer?

                    Where is the hacking tools folder on this AOL CD?

                    Dude, can you spare a bong?

                    In other words, Beavis and Butthead stay home!


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                      alot of those are more like general haxing questions than DC questions.

                      how bout links to maps and addresses and directions to/from events
                      ie. from airport to AP
                      from AP to DC shoot location
                      from AP to deja vue
                      hotel map with tents marked etc.
                      the fresh prince of 1337

                      To learn how to hack; submit your request


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                        After answering all those questions.

                        What is a good list of resources (Mailing-Lists, Websites, Books) that I should use?


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                          We're talking about a bunch of lazy azz kids here. No one is going to read all of that!!!! Can't you narrow it down to about 40 questions or less?


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                            Originally posted by russ
                            We're talking about a bunch of lazy azz kids here. No one is going to read all of that!!!! Can't you narrow it down to about 40 questions or less?
                            Think bigger...
                            DEFCON BIBLE

                            Great Tome of Dark Defconian Studies


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                              Defcon Bible, available through the Church of Wi-Fi....

                              How about a "My First Defcon" page, we can break the questions up by experience. Anyone who goes for the first time should expect to only observe and learn.