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Slammer aka Sapphire worm

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  • Slammer aka Sapphire worm

    There are a lot of articles from this worm over the weekend. here is an interesting quote from one of them:
    On Saturday, the spread of the worm was so severe that the majority of Bank of America's 13,000 automatic teller machines "were unable to process customer transactions", the
    Washington Post reports. The paper quotes the bank saying it was able to restore services on Saturday evening but a Seattle-based Reg reader tells us he was "unable to make a deposit to my Bank of America Account on Sunday at about noon Pacific time".
    John Leyden -
    For those who missed the fun here is the initial bugtraq post:

    Quite a few of us were online chatting when this started to take notice... it was quite an interesting ride.

    Other threads on SecurityFocus:
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    Internet worm causes limited disruptions Monday; thousands of computers affected over weekend

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    additional information about the Worm can be found at the following:
    You're either on my side or else you're in the way.


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      Originally posted by GodMinusOne
      additional information about the Worm can be found at the following:
      Oh, and this one's a little turd. A bunch of our customers' machines in the colo got hit with it this weekend. Thankfully, I didn't have to deal with it, but I did hear that on most boxes it was generating 80+ Mbit / sec. of traffic. Damn near took our core out, and required physically unplugging the offending machines from the network while the owners ran around trying to figure out what to do.

      Here's a hint for them: PATCH YER DAMN MACHINE.