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  • buffering videos

    i want to record a buffering video of Ben Harper on a Warner Bross site but i don't know how to do?

    could you please help me with this little problem, thank you .

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    please... spare the details...

    the media type you intend on downloading is relevant to the media recorder you would use.

    After you find out what type of file type you are intending on downloading, search Google ( for media recorders that support that file type.


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      ok but the file

      ok i tried that the thing is i know it is play with macromedia flash player 6 but i dont find anything to download that.... could you be more specific please...and i thank you first for your help..


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        so you want to download an .SWF file?

        Just to let you know, your machine downloads this and puts the file in your internet temporary cache directory... but let's say it doesn't, and you can't do a search on your drive... here is a little trick you can do:

        open up notepad or whateverpad (your typical text editor)
        Type all the stuff in:
        <a href=""> right click to download target </a>

        save it as downloadme.html and open it up in your favorite browser... then right click on the file and save to your hard disk...

        Now you have the file where you saved it... and you can decompile it if that is what you are looking to do with the various swf decompilers out there.... <hint:google>

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