So I typically avoid blogging/facebook/myspace or any of the cultural meme that requires sharing above indignation at said cultural meme's. However a defcon blog would seem to be a better fit, so here it goes.

Ever notice that the Hacker community tends to be about 2-5 years ahead of everyone else?

Case in point, the recent noise about a wireless virus that goes around and hops from router to router, reflashing firmwares as it goes. It was based off a paper by a guy at Indiana University.

Royally pissed me off because 2 years ago at DC 14 as part of my talk I discussed the exact same idea. In my mind it screamed of plagiarism but after much research and an hour talking on the phone with the guy it turns out that he arrived at the exact same spot through a completely different road.


So I get the feeling that I need to shelve all my ideas for 2 years until the public is ready to accept them