I don't know where the time goes! I spent a lot of time beating up "pooch" - for good reasons!
I can pick up imacs by the pallet load for about $20 apiece. Given the mac advantages, I thought the supercomputer was a practically done deal until I found out about their pricing structure, which hits you every time you add a processor to the mix. Just greed!
But I won't go back there.
So the idea hung in limbo for a while while I battled with the temptation to run pooch through ida pro, among other things. I didn't of course, that would have defeated the object, but I was tempted.
A random inspiration begat a search for "open source cluster computer" and "linux cluster" etc.
This led me to the open mosix project.
In a cosmic burst of serendipity, I came upon an ad on Craigslist- Need to sell 25 computers today!
I read the open mosix info and emailed the ad and ended up buying 22 PIII's for $200.
The backyard super computer project was back up and running. I still hate the idea of working with PC's, but at least there aren't any microsoft products in the mix.
A good start, but I've still got to come up with a bunch of gigabit nics and some kvm switches.
I should be able to bring everything up to date with my next post. A lot of ground to cover.