I just had the good fortune to be able to participate in a special 2 day Windows Server 2008 Master Class given by Andy Malone who is a prominent speaker on Microsoft technologies and security. He is an MVP and the CEO of Quality Training.

The Master Class covered the new things in the Windows 2008 series with a heavy emphasis on the security related issues.

I think it’s great that every time Microsoft comes out with a new version of it’s OS, they have incorporated yet another couple of features and functionalities that Linux have had for the past 10 years.

In 2008 we get:

Linux like command prompt functionality with Windows Powershell. Not quit as good, but a vast improvement over the old DOS prompt

Linux like GUI less server with Core server 2008. Not the same fine control of course but a large step in the right direction.

A lot of little things like improved support for scripting and remote administration via scripts. It’s going the right way, Microsoft is learning and embracing the Linux way of things more and more.

Another strange thing is the new ad on GUI pack for Vista that will make windows look like a MAC. Maybe next time they will discover ComPiz and make it look like a Linux