Let me share with you a little story from a few years back under the subject "reality always surpasses what imagination can come up with"

E good friend of mine who owns her own company called me on the phone around noon with desperation in her voice. "My system is down, nothing works and the two geeks I have running around doesn't seem to know what they are doing. Can you come help me?" I tolled her that I would drop by on the way home after work and see what I could do.

Later that day I stopped by her company to see what was going on and found that they still hadn't solved the problems or knew what they were about for that matter. I asked to see the servers and she pointed to the lobby. In the lobby, where all guest, customers, the mail man, delivery people and everybody else comes when they enter the door, under a table where a coffee machine were placed for easy use by guest, customers, the mail man, delivery people and everybody else, The server was placed.

I sad down on the floor and graped the keyboard from the top of the server, the monitor also was placed under the table. When I asked for the log on credentials, she told me to look at the post-it in top of the server under where the keyboard had been. The user name was administrator and the password 9999. It turned out to be a Windows 2000 small business server and when I look at at what services was running I saw way more services then I thought possible for just one server.

I asked her "do you use finger for anything?" "What's finger" she asked so I guess not then. I asked her "do you use FTP for anything?" "What's FTP" she asked so again I guess not. She knew what Exchange Server was, but it turned out that they were just using the Exchange client and had mail hosted. She also knew that they had a web site, but that turned out to be hosted and not running on the web server that was running on the server. After having disabled most of the services and restarted the box, the log only contained error messages regarding the network Interface And after changing this the system came up and everything was running as it should.

Now you might think that my friend is not very smart but she is actually, just not smart with computers and network. This little story really is an example on what kind of service you risk buying if you don't know a certain minimum about what you are buying and what some companies are willing to sell to clients that trusts them. No wonder a lot of companies are easy to hack