Over the past years we have heard a lot about theft of credit card information, banking accounts or of personal identity with the purpose of taking out loans with the stolen identity, getting credit cards with a good credit limit or using existing credit cards and then buying things with these cards.

How to get the money out.

First the IT criminal (let’s not call him a hacker, chances are that he won’t qualify anyways when it comes to that) has to find a number of online poker gambling sites, that allows him to take out his winnings without the site taking to large a commission for itself and that allows him to do private invitation only gambling where he invites other gamblers to join.

Next he needs a number of identities that he can control. Every identity needs a bank account and a number of online gambling accounts. The whole system revolve around the transference of money to the bank accounts of the selected identities, the selected identities losing money on online poker gambling to other selected identities who then loos to other who then in the end loos to the online criminal.

If he is a smart criminal, he makes sure that the identities and the online gambling servers are spread over several different countries, if possible countries outside EU and if possible countries like Russia, China or Brazil where the law is not equipped to handle cybercrime

Facebook a new hackertool for the IT criminal

In order for the IT criminal to succeed he needs to steal identities of persons that do not check their bank account often. Unfortunately this will be the case for most of us since most people rarely check their accounts. If the IT criminal want to make extra sure, he can always use Facebook. Take a look among your own facebook friends. I’ll bet you will be able to find one or two who has written what they are doing in the next days or week. A good example could be “spending the next week in the summer house away from the internet and the cell phone” bet ya not much account checking taking place her.