Early morning, turn monitors on.
I perform a threat assessment on the contents of my coffee cup.
sniff test. sip. cough. sip. ponder. seems ok.
when I came back from Seattle I drank the sludge I left behind
most disgusting thing I put in my mouth in a long time
a chunk of cookie turned to slime.
today's contents are fresh, from yesterday

I raise the mug and take a sip
of the concoction left on my desk
A pause, a taste
oral introspection
What did I just put in my mouth?
I hope it was coffee
at least mostly coffee
it's too early for not drinking coffee
yesterday I got lucky
today I suspect that it was only water
sometimes I don't finish my breakfast slim fast
leaving it one day is okay. four days will make you sick.

Accidentally pour whole beans into the filter
The trouble with making coffee in the morning
is that you have to do it before drinking your first cup

Ctrl-F4. click. c.
xmms pipes music to my ears
Alt-tab. Slashdot. scroll wheel.
The sounds of screwin' around
then the mood takes me (coffee activates)
Ctrl-F1. and it's a furious clatter of clicking keys
Code. Compile. Execute
Alt-f down enter
Data takes a minute to load.
Ctrl-F3. Checking email, send a response or two
Ctrl-F1. Data's loaded run some tests
Test takes a minute to run.
Mind wanders past the boundary of the desktop
Ctrl-F4. Check my other email, some more Slashdot
Ctrl-F2. Fire off a job on my vmware machine
on Eldar through VNC if I'm feeling plucky
Ctrl-F1. Check the results.
Lather Rinse Repeat.

finished drinking breakfast
it'll take a few more cups to make it through the day
it's a time machine
the drink of it sustains me, propels me to the future
the smell of it always takes me back to years gone by
college, freshman year summer in the factory, paper cups and a cigarette
senior year experiments with espresso
junior high, drinking it by the pot, challenging the night
high school, a talking cat, driving my brother and his friends to a movie
the Avengers and I'm on my third wind and slap-happy
I shake my head and return to present-day

The day is long, leaves the taste burnout in my mouth
The big picture leaves my head reeling
so I turn on my eyes for a while
and stare
and stir
then sip some more

the end is nearing
two cents in my pocket
I can't buy a snack with that
and someone poured the coffee down the drain
and hid the coffee pot

Must have caffeine.
Push the blades of the grinder
to scrape enough onto my finger
The mush to my mouth and life fills me again.
Because I need the trance if I'm to survive the day
weary and wired. scattered and shaking
a few more lines of coffee, of code
and I'll call it complete

I could with another cup get some work done.
But caffeine is just energy borrowed against future production.
And I've such an insurmountable debt already.