a fresh install of Fedora 8
the promise of a beautiful tomorrow. and headaches today
eth0 has always been finicky with my NICs
I believe that she was the one that drove me into the arms of FreeBSD
so close to working. two (or was it three?) executables die on startup
and it is a fairly sparse install
ah, but X starts and stills the bleating of my heart
I visit konsole and visudo myself
As King I crown myself Prince
and spend some minutes tweaking themes to make it feel like home

*ode to a pointer
&oh, kind sir, made of hex
*remind me again where I left my integer array

I am a code monkey at heart
but I have a manager mind that creeps out occasionally.
It scares me and I try to bat it down.
I swallowed the urge to request a meeting
to discuss how too much of our time is being spent in meetings

I return
to the whir of fans
and command-line incantations
a magic pipe | to open the door
and I find myself in
hello world electronic
at once skittish and vainglorious
I cavort with command line concubine
and dance with the gaudy GUI

It gives my blood the stirring quality. mental gymnastics
Half a cartwheel then crash into the mat
then a three-fourths of a backflip
and jumping on that springy triangle thing.
but halfway through the air I'm on the uneven bars
and I'm coding this and documenting that
writing more and more specs
Interrupted for support.
Now where was I?

Writing in the car while my brother drives, listening to Bad Religion
Reading in-between. Alfred, Lord Tennyson.
Halfway between this world and the NeXT
[I am a man, part machine, born of circuit stock
my pulse is measured in megahertz
synapse sparks keyboard hand
gathering digital daisies
under a silicon sun...]