From the email I received the other day from someone claiming to be a journalist for New Scientist:

"At the moment, I'm most interested in how you managed to hack into the network. What did you do? Would this be possible with any digital billboard? To your knowledge, has anyone been able to achieve this before?"

That's the entire talk! Why would I tell him that before DefCon?!

"In the past, some people claimed to hack into digital billboards while actually just paying to display their graffiti..."

Hah! Skull phone. So cute...

"... so my editor would like some kind of proof that this is the real deal."

I don't know if he's really this daft or thinks he's trying to social me into giving out damning evidence that we did something that's technically possibly illegal.

Did neither you or your editor read what the talk was about? It says pretty plainly that the talk "addresses the vulnerabilities that exist and how they could be used for guerrilla advertising and digital graffiti". No where does it say that we're going to stand on stage and go "Hay gaiz! We're l33t hax0rz and here's pictures/videos/proof of us doing illegal shiz". Even though we may say those things due to heavy alcohol intake (not Philosopher though, he's still a youngin'), we won't be doing that. Sorry to disappoint. Last I heard, rev wasn't a huge fan of becoming someones ass pony.

"Do you have the name of the billboard company, so that I could contact them to confirm that this was a real attack?"

We went through and made sure to blur our the Company's name and logo from all of the pictures in our presentation because we were advised by a few lawyers to do so. Besides, it's not only the Company's fault, we also blame the Manufacturers for leaving these gaping holes in their product, allowing all to stick their fingers in and infect it.

In case anyone was confused, here's the dumbed-down version of our talk description:
We're going to discuss who would want to do this and why as well as describe how they may go about it in as much detail as we can without getting subpoenaed.

<3 Totten