*flashing lights*
*smoke machine*
*glow sticking*
*scary RAWR!*

Who am I?


For those of you who thought “Graver / Raver-Goth / Dark-Raver-Techno-Goth / Black-&-White-Ball-Attendee”, you were partially correct. The full answer: Louie! The Industrial Dance Machine!
What? Didn’t get it? I thought it was pretty obvious…


I have wanted to start this blahg for some time, but have been pretty swamped. I know. Excuses, excuses! But it’s ok because I started it now, even if the first post was wasted on that boring journalist. Now I give you this! A mild, uninteresting “getting my toes wet” post. I am putting you to sleep, you say? Watch another boring documentary and quit your belly-aching. Suggestions, you ask? “InfoComm Exhibitors” “List”, “Guerrilla Art Versus Guerrilla Advertising”, and Billboards Posting Propaganda. Just to name a few. I would love to give you more, but think you may feel overwhelmed or the quantity of the information will lessen your impression of the talk. So, you get three for now. I’ll even throw in the alliteration. Free of charge!


We are getting everything ready for DefCon and probably will be doing so even after its over. rev and Philosopher are helping me remotely from their part of the States. It’s been a joy working with them on this. It’s a pleasant change from me trying to find time to work on a project, running around like crazy to complete it, and then trying to throw a presentation together while PixelatedPanda plays with the mouse.


See you all soon. DefCon is twenty-something days away. I think I’ll be updating this thing daily. Also! Plan on going to see the talks by: ne0nra1n/Joe Grand, Bruce Potter, and Alexander Lash. They always put on a good show. Johnny Long will be around this year trying to gain support for Hackers For Charities (PLUG: The Guitar Hero 3 contest will be helping with this, as well). More to come!

<3 Totten