- Unka Hadly, Out in the tall sawgrass, July 1919

Ok, so maybe there’s no Uncle Hadly. It’s still very much our family motto. We believe in doing incredibly (risky/crazy/dangerous/stupid) stuff that somehow ends up with us being ok. Also, we’re very much enablers. All of us. We encourage/enable each other to do this stupid stuff. Examples, you ask?

My dad is the reason rev and I decided to investigate the digital billboards. He said “I bet you can’t figure out how to hack [a billboard]”, I called rev up the next (very, very early morning) and (drunkedly) told rev the idea and he gave me the little bit of encouragement* needed to get us planning and researching, which inevitably led to us contributing to the premature delinquency of Philosopher (it’s ok, he wanted to do it).

Now, he (dad) is helping us put the presentation together (at the request we don’t tell my mom that he’s the reason we did this). As we speak, he is gathering the materials that we need to 1. Make our own liquor/liquer (recipes by the illustrious ne0nra1n) and 2. Build a Tesla Coil.

What’s the worse that could happen?

<3 Totten

*It’s come to my attention that the only thing needed to encourage me to do something stupid/dangerous is “Do it!” or even a simple “Hey, totten!”