Like I don't already have plenty of places where I detail my life online but this way, I can blog for my target audience!

Hackers Are People Too is being replicated on DVD RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND. I will be getting 2000 copies delivered to my apartment next week (dear god) and will be bringing 1000 copies of the DVD to the conference!

With 1000 DVDs, I just need 1 in 7 or 8 people to buy one, right? Wish me luck! And come buy one!

The DVD includes:
• The 43 minute documentary
• Closed captioning (subtitles) in English
• Trailers
• I Want My Free Wiffee
• Hackers Fall in Love Too
• The Dateline Scandal 2007

We are currently in the process of figuring out all the requirements for submitting this film to various film festivals.

And I just updated the HAPT website, wishing to god I cared about web development because then I could have a kickass website. lol. One day......

Hope everyone is getting pumped for con! I can't wait! I love going every year to see my friends and meet new, crazy people. And this year is especially exciting since you all are the first people to see my movie (well, other than the few screeners that have been sent out).

Come to the premiere Friday night at Movie Night with DT! 9 pm! It will be over in time for Hacker Jeopardy (since the host of Hacker Jeopardy was the executive producer of the film and wants to be there, all snazzy, for the premiere).