This will be my,,um let me count..4th year at Defcon. After a total of 4 years at burningman, I found defcon to in some ways be similar, but generally less heat and dust. A burningman tradition is to bring things to trade or give away. Usually without any pre-concieved notion of getting anything in return..its called Gifting it.

At DC one year, I thought, hey, Ill make some T-shirts and give them out to people. That was great, it led to meeting and starting what is now a 3rd year friendship. I still have seen those shirts at cons 14 and 15. Well 16 is up and I'm making another batch. And of course my party buds (aristocrats) are also doing shirts, so this should be fun.

I get a lot of joy giving out shirts, or tequila, or moonshinemix to people. However, DC 13 marked a year where to many folks were hitting the pavement as a result of too strong of bugspray.

Bugspray, in a bugsprayer (helpful also at burningman should you decide to go), holds around 2 gallons of confection. Typically made up of Tequila, Vodka, JD, JB, Fruit, this, that, moonshine (if I can find it), Tequila, and a glow stick. (Nothing to do with drugs)

The aristocrats, if you don't know them, is a group very much after my own heart. After meeting them at DC12/13 (I don't remember), we had a common goal to get people into the party, have fun, chill, share, and have fun some more. Typically found at the top of the Riv or a before in a suite at the AP.

We know how to have fun and have a blast together.

So DC16 is coming up. Life should be fun, and we all get to let loose for a week or so. Unlike AP, we have enough rooms through-out the RIV for some serious fun.

So if your new to DC, and happen to stumble on this page, think about getting social. Its fun and the best way to meet people.

One note on parties, I've always been of the opinion if your legal or really good looking(18), you are free to come to my party. That was until the famous Asshole experience. Asshole dropped red bull on a security guard from around the 40th floor of the riv, another person tried to lite stuff on fire. So if you are allowed in a party, be cool, chill, contribute, don't be an asshole. The goons wont help you if you do something stupid, ever had a couple dozen people REALLY pissed at you? Don't be an asshole. If your not, feel free to drink with me anytime, first drinks are on me. And think about this, bring some extra booze for any party you go to, its appreciated and helps. Always tip your bartender (priv parties) - might even consider jumping in and serving a few minutes yourself.

- Later