Few questions addressed - isnt this in the FAQ? RDM? Hello?

So I start getting these emails, HOW Does one get invited to parties?

Well I'll offer some simple advice.

Don't look for an invite, start your own. You can hand out flyers, get word of mouth, post, ect. Or, just stand in the elevator with a Bottle of Vodka.

You see, while the Defcon party invites are cool, the friends are the ones you meet in the Hall, in the rooms ect. Last year, one of my favorite parties was a random meeting in the hall of guys going to a room, to see a "show", which turned into like 25 people in the smallest room in the Riv. Good mix of people, all sorts, all types.

You meet, you exchange booze, all is good. Then the next morning (err afternoon actually), you all know each other in the Hall.

Wait - I still want in those cool parties -!?

Well, you could try bribery, big tits(not your own dude), booze, or as I keep saying, make friends and dont worry about it. You could use your uber hacking/social engineering skills to sneak in - but really, thats not cool among friends. You could just ask. Sometimes works. Lastly, we had a blast outside (Ninja/\? I dont remember) party last year. I setup a bar outside for everyone who could not get in. Not bad fun. Did I go in? Sure, it was nice, but I had more fun helping the others outside have a good time. I believe in social sharing of the fun (unless your an asshole).

But what if Im underage or shy?

Well your SOL. While I can sympathize, your jailbait in so many ways. If your just shy, you need to find a way out of it. Find a friend who is not shy, drink more, I dunno, I dont understand Shy. Personally, I like to grab the quietest person in the room and start giving them shots - problem solved.

Other questions - What about these goons - wont they try to break up the parties?

Um - no. Not usually. If in doubt kindly offer a shot or four to them. If a tall man shows up quietly asking you to repent err..do something. Do it. Don't argue. Do it. (Mr Priest).

Why does everyone ask for ID's at the door and I have a fake iD - but still?

Well - if your underage, Ill personally kick you ass out or turn you in, this is not a joke. You can get us arrested, fined and all that. Sorry dude, go find your booze somewhere beyond a publicish party. If you have privacy concerns, well thats a fair question assuming your over 21. One - many want to ensure those getting in are over 21. Having worked a few doors, I dont care who you are as long as your over 21. Two - Anyone who works the door and mentally chooses to "blow" your cover or unmask you somehow is a dick, and will be dealt with...however - keep in mind most of these will be private parties, they have a right to ask for your id, you have a right not to attend. So if its Ninja, pimps, aristocrats, 5x5 or whatever, just show your id and go on in. One kid last year at the pimps made the mistake of trying to go in without and ID. We are fairly close knit group, and I believe the goons didnt have time to react to him getting his ass beat in the doorway and essentially robbed (I know for a fact his wallet ended up somewhere near the pool) for being an asshole about the whole thing. So be cool and just go with the flow - you will have a much better time.

What about drugs, can I sell them use them, barter, share?

Well, its a free country, but I wouldnt advise bringing that into the con, into a private party or anywhere but your most close knit bunch of friends. Many dont use (myself included) and dont appreciate it. Its one thing to drink booze which are legal, and another to reflect bad on the CON>