What to say - what to say..

It surprises me how many attend, but pay no attention to the forums. Weird.

To those of you I played Firewall to on the 64th floor, sorry bout all the questions before passing, but its to protect me, my friends, and the party. You see, if I dont know you, and you cant name a single person in the party (there were a ton of easy ones), I gotta make sure its ok. You see some kiddies, like to try social engineering / fake id's, which are fun, but still not gonna get you in. In 99% of the time, I let everyone in if they were soberish, and just waited until I gave them an easy question like what is 01 plus 1a.

But to the fun part. My favorite question.Who is the tall guy (taller than me) standing in the hall, with the Red Badge a Hawaiian shirt and a look like he owned the place. This question came to the young man who had all his friends go in but him. (I winked at his friends telling them he would follow soon after a bit of playing - I mean what else can one do at 1 in the morning?). So back to the story...Who is the tall guy? Who am I , who is anyone in the hall (this was at the top of the Riv while ms sunshines public party was going on - the aristocrats had the other party behind 2 sets of closed doors)..so he did not know. Then proceeded to be grilled by the tall hawain shirt man as to who anyone was or what the proper medical procedure was for xxx. This was funny as shit. And most of us in the hall kept a straight face. Seems the young man was a 2nd year medical student with friends at defcon. Totally wanting to join his friends--but unable to answer any questions.

Well he got in...can you guess who the tall guy was with the Hawaian shirt?? Ill give you a hint..he has bunnies.

Then there was the guy who was like 23ish, dresses in a dockers, nice shoes, a polo work shirt - this was for the party at the top (sunshine also)..what was that called..freakshow? I cant remember. Anyway, I watched this shy kid walk around..clueless, a social newbie. And Im standing at the door to the hallway which leads to a party with a lot of ..interesting.. people. So I call him over, ask him the usual questions which he answered after determining I was not making fun of him, and the whole time which his head DOWN. I sent him on through. I know he met a lot of people in that party, and as a first timer I hope it helped him get past some shyness. Nice kid, wish I had got his name, he was the typical nerd we are all sterotyped, but I suspect he had a head on his shoulders that just needs some help getting out socially. All I got out of him was that he came by himself. Did not know anyone. So mr. doe, (I dont know his name), I wish you the best and hope you come back next year.

And I would be totally remise if I did not SHOUT out to skydog for allowing me to guard the entertainment at the Hacker pimps and hand out change. Its a rought job, but someone had to do it... :)

I did most of my shoutouts in the shoutout section, but I wanted to add one more..

Sunshine from the freakshow, you brought one of my favorite non-defcon parties (burningman) to the con. I love you for it. What ever you need its yours.

Last, to the Wall of Sheep, whatever you need, you got. Not only are you cool, you are the best to party with.

So I hope everyone had a good time and went to the parties, remember, next year, nothing is stopping you from throwing your own and sharing with everyone. Just do it. Socialize and spread the fun. Just dont be a dick.