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DEFCON, the 9000+ attendee hacker conference in Vegas has become a sort of hydra conference. It has become more like a global fair than what most people think of conferences; even the badge is highly unique. I say this because there are so many things to do at DEFCON, other than going to talks, that you could spend your whole weekend looking at the “World’s Largest Boar!”, so to speak. One of the CTF (Capture the Flag) contest winners this year actually exclaimed that he only made it to 2 talks in 12 years! I am also one of those individuals who barely get a chance to go to talks and now that the speaker pool is so diverse it’s hard to find all of the “stuff” they release. Before anyone has a chance to post “It’s all on the DEFCON CD dummy” I want to challenge them to try. After a weekend of googling (which came back with few results) and making contact with some of the speakers, I provide you with a mostly accurate list of “stuff” that was released at DEFCON this year. If any of the information is inaccurate, or a tool is missing, please contact me and I will update this post.

The DEFCON CD can be found here: http://edge.i-hacked.com/defcon16-cd-iso-posted

SA Exploiter by Securestate

* Description: A GUI SQL Injection tool that creates SQL injection queries and brakes the 64k barrier using MS Debugger.
* Homepage Link: http://securestate.com/pages/free-tools.aspx

Fast-Track by Securestate

* Description: A python based tool that automates several different typs of attacks including Metasploit's Autopwn and SQL Injection
* Homepage Link: http://securestate.com/pages/free-tools.aspx

Beholder – by Nelson Murilo and Luis Eduardo

* Description: An open source wireless IDS program
* Homepage Link: http://www.beholderwireless.org/
* Email Address: bh@beholderwireless.org

The Middler – by Jay Beale

* Description: The end-all be-all of MITM tools
* Homepage Link: http://www.themiddler.com/ (Online?)
* Preface Link: http://www.intelguardians.com/themiddler.html

ClientIPS – by Jay Beale

* Description: An open source inline “transparent” client-side IPS
* Homepage Link: http://www.ClientIPS.org/ (Online?)

Marathon Tool – by Daniel Kachakill

* Description: A Blind SQL Injection tool based on heavy queries
* Download Link: http://www.codeplex.com/marathontool
* Email Address: dani@kachakil.com

The Phantom Protocol – by Magnus Brading

* Description: A Tor-like protocol that fixes some of Tor’s major attack vectors
* Homepage Link: http://code.google.com/p/phantom
* Email Address: brading@fortego.se

ModScan – by Mark Bristow

* Description: A SCADA Modbus Network Scanner
* Homepage Link: http://modscan.googlecode.com/
* Email Address: mark.bristow@gmail.com

Grendel Scan – by David Byrne

* Description: Web Application scanner that searches for logic and design flaws as well as the standard flaw seen in the wild today (SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF)
* Homepage Link: http://grendel-scan.com/

iKat – interactive Kiosk Attack Tool (This site has an image as a banner that is definitely not safe for work! – You have been warned) by Paul Craig

* Description: A web site that is dedicated to helping you break out of Kiosk jails
* Homepage Link: http://ikat.ha.cked.net
* Email Address: paul.craig@security-assessment.com

DAVIX – by Jan P. Monsch and Raffael Marty

* Description: A SLAX based Linux Distro that is geared toward data/log visualization
* Homepage Link: http://code.google.com/p/davix/
* Download Link: http://www.geekceo.com/davix/davix-0.5.0.iso.gz
* Email Addresses: jan.monsch@iplosion.com and raffy@secviz.org

CollabREate – by Chris Eagle and Tim Vidas

* Description: An IDA Pro plugin with a server backend that allows multiple people to collaborate on a single RE (reverse engineering) project.
* Homepage Link: http://www.idabook.com/defcon
* Email Addresses: cseagle@gmail.com and tvidas@gmail.com

Dradis – by John Fitzpatrick

* Description: A tool for organizing and sharing information during a penetration test
* Homepage: http://dradis.sourceforge.net
* Email Address: john.fitzpatrick@mwrinfosecurity.com

Squirtle – by Kurt Grutzmacher

* Description: A Rouge Server with Controlling Desires that steals NTLM hashes.
* Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/squirtle (Live?)
* Email Address: grutz@jingojango.net

WhiteSpace – by Kolisar

* Description: A script that can hide other scripts such as CSRF and iframes in spaces and tabs
* Download Link: DEFCON 16 CD

VoIPer – by nnp

* Description: VoIP automated fuzzing tool with support for a large number of VoIP applications and protocols
* Homepage Link: http://voiper.sourceforge.net/

Barrier – by Errata Security

* Description: A browser plugin that pen-tests every site that you visit.
* Homepage Link: http://www.erratasec.com
* Email Address: sales@erratasec.com

Psyche – by Ponte Technologies

* Description: An advanced network flow visualization tool that is not soley based on time.
* Homepage Link: http://psyche.pontetec.com/