During Defcon PoolCon, there was a lifeguard named Mike.

Mike you see was in charge that day, and well, he and flea, did not see eye to I. While I was not present, I would assume he said something smartazz or similiar to Mr. Flea. Which led to a pool full of laughter.

Of course when you are in charge of a pool, and on the the high throne, you cant be laughed at, it undermines your authority! So Mike said..you better stop...or else!

And then, the story gets fuzzy..someone..somehow..got into the pool with a small amount of blood on them?? So Mike decided he had enough of the Pool GOON Flea and co..and it was closed. You see Mike had all the power in the world as top lifeguard at the RIV!

But then, oh so smoothly, 2 more pools appeared! These were on the lawn and away from Mike and his power play gone wrong...

And POOL CON was revived! but then, Mike or someone like Mike..decided the fun was over and poolcon was shutdown..again. :(

And fined..for messing up the grass?

Fast Forward to the next day.

Im getting in the pool, and I ask the closest lifeguard, who was that dick who closed the pool yesterday. Um, that was me.. Oh I say. Whats your name.


Well Mike, your a dick.

Oh, well you need to understand when someone gets blood in the pool, we have to close it and shock for 8 hours. So I had to close the pool, and sir I will not tolerate you calling me anything profane.

Ok Richard.

My names MIKE.

I know.

-- Fast forward to today.

You know, nothing stops anyone from writing a letter complaining about Mike in general for being a lifeguard. As a previous lifeguard for 4 years (I never closed a pool for blood - geez that would be half the girls in the pool!) - the worst letters are ones which include "he was staring at me and making me uncomfortable" - "he was obviously asleep" - " he kept talking to the girls and ignoring my children"..but you decide....I only got the sleep one.. :)

- Dallas

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Mikes a Dick.