So I'm chatting with a friend over in a corner by the piano, and he elbows me and says LOOK, its DT.

I say, no..its not, he does not come out in public, I have never seen him. him I saw him once at Defcon.

Well, go ask him. go ask him..

Its obviously him. He is surrounded by microsoft folks. go ask..and Ill follow.

So he did and I did and see stood there like idiots, finally introducing ourselves.

And yes it was DT.

And interestingly. He was nice, courteous, down to earth and nothing like we expected. (Except busy which we did expect).

So Shout out to you DT, thank you for taking time to talk to a couple of guys about the cons and history and other nonsense. You rock.

And as a added bonus, he slipped us invites to the Mozilla pajama party which we never did find but looked funny walking through the Ceasars with PJ's on...

But thats another story.

Seriously, DT, thanks for staying level headed and being cool.