I've just had my first, and last, ordering experience with this clownshoe
outfit. Roughly 2 months ago they had a blowout sale on AR-10 uppers. I
really wanted the 24" one with the free floating hand guard. I call up and
tried to order it, the guy says 'sorry, sold out of them over the weekend'.
OK, shit happens, that's what I get for not reading my new Shotgun News right
when it showed up. He tells me that the do have the 20" with the 1913
hand guards still in stock. I really wanted the 24" model, but I went with
that because it was in stock. I also needed a bunch of lower receiver parts
and some misc. butt stock parts. He goes down the list for each one saying
'ya, that's in stock', 'yup, have those in stock'.

Week later, I notice my credit card hasn't been processed. I call to see
whats up. Guy says they had a massive computer outage last week and the gal
who does their bill hasn't had a working computer. He tells me things are
backed up, and she probably just hasn't gotten around to billing my order,
but that my order is all boxed up and ready to ship.

Two weeks after that call, I call back asking WTF, as I still haven't been
billed and I certainly haven't seen my order. I get told that my order hasn't
shipped because they were waiting for parts, specifically the 1913
hand guards. Now wait a sec..didn't I settle for this upper because the one I
wanted was out of stock? Didn't the guy tell me that one was in stock, along
with all my parts?

Fast forward to today. We're almost two months into this order. I call up to
see what the deal is. They are still waiting for the 1913 hand guards and
according to their record, aren't expecting anymore THIS YEAR. Also, they are
now out of the AR-10 buffer. Gal says they have some 1913 hand guards but the
'T numbers are off center'. She does tell me she can give me a discount and
knock 25 bucks off the hand guards if I want them. I explain again, that I
don't understand why any of this is happening as when I placed the order all
of these things were in stock. She cant explain why anyone told me that. I
finally told her to ditch the buffer and the hand guards, slap some plastic
hand guards and I'll finish the project off myself. So much for the money I
was going to save by going with the package deal.

So, in conclusion, fuck Armalite. These people shouldn't be allowed to run a
fruit stand, let alone an arms company. I've been lied to, jerked around,
and in the end I didn't get what I wanted in the first place.

Like I said at the beginning, if you know someone over there and want to
forward this along, great. If they want to make it right, have them contact
me. Till then, I'm more than happy to share this experience with anyone who
asks about their products.