Well, fearing the 'change' that is about to be unleashed upon us by people who think Socialism is totally fukkin awesome, I made some pre-election purchases. On my list was a Springfield XD in .45ACP. The place I kept hearing about from folks was Bud's Gun Shop. Sure enough, they had the full package for 450 bucks shipped. Hell of a deal, so I bought one.

At the time they had them in stock, however in the time it took me to get a money order out to them we decided to elect the guy who's going to go down as the most anti-gun president this country has ever had. Well, everyone hit the gun stores at once and bought up everything they could. By the time Bud's got my money, they didn't have any left and weren't getting any more in from their distributor.

Pretty grumpy about the whole thing, I checked the order status on their website and found that they had the guns back in stock, but at 481.00 now. I gave a call over there to see what the deal was. Now, based on my previous experience with Armalite I fully expected a battle that was going to end with me calling them douchebags and asking for my money back. Well, I was wrong and in the most pleasant way possible. The guy on the phone (who's name I never got, actually) explained to me what I already knew about the order. He then explained that they would honor the price I paid, even if it meant them taking a hit on this gun. Business had been good for them recently so they could afford it, sadly business is good for all the wrong reasons right now.

Few days go by and my order status hasn't updated. I'm currently dealing with several transfers right now that are being huge PitA's, so I was about to turn my attention back to them when I get an email stating that my order shipped on Tuesday. My local dealer called me this evening to let me know its sitting on his workbench pending my pick up tomorrow.

So, even with a sudden run on guns, dealing with a company on the other side of the country, and everything going wrong that could go wrong, Bud's totally did me right. So I'll do them the favor back and let everyone else know that if you are looking for a hell of a deal (and they have some good ones) and a company full of squared away folks, you cant go wrong with these people.