Far more interesting/disturbing than the rather unimaginatively digested [IMHO/YMMV] piece regarding the capricious way the intellectual elite view the concept of privacy {as if we didn't already know that they see it as an irritating obstacle to their ends ... whatever they may be.) was the article excerpted from the Telegraph [that's a British newspaper for all you peons who don't have a wife/husband/significant-other/we-won't-even-go-there from the EU] entitled "Pentagon hires British scientist to help build robot soldiers that won't commit war crimes" Accompanied by my fav photo of the week:
OOOH Scary Kids!
But it is scary, Reeeeeally Scary!
Well, the first thing that's reeeeeally scary is the intellectual buffoonery of the following statements: "to prevent the creation of an amoral Terminator-style killing machine that murders indiscriminately" coupled with the photo caption: "The Pentagon aims to develop 'ethical' robot soldiers, unlike the indiscriminate T-800 killers from the Terminator films."
Correct me if I'm wrong (No! Don't, I'll sic a botnet on your posterior!) but the T-800 (sic) NEVER terminated another T-800, it didn't even terminate a T-8000, or a T-80000, or a T-3.14285714 (from memory no less, without missing a beat...) The point here is, for those of you linear thinkers who are struggling to catch up {shameless plug for main thread} is that an indiscriminate (ok, so I copied and pasted that one becuz I blanked on the spelling) killing machine is an uncontrollable engine of mayhem that will kill even itself in its twisted quest to fulfill its function.
The main problem with the T-800 wasn't its indiscriminatality (-you heard it here first, folks) but its superglue-like adherence to its programmed function, which was to kill one, very specific organism- namely humans. Not squirrels, not dogs, not turtles, not lizards (which would have made it absolutely useless in the "Predator" series) not birds, not... well, you get the picture, right? It looks pretty surgical to me!!!
This inherent underlying stupidity disturbs me greatly, but not nearly so much as the fact that when you strip away all the clever linear actuators (Google it, I'm not going to pander to the peanut gallery!) it is still a binary processor...
Ok, I'll pander a little bit, its a BOX!
Boxes get... 0wned!
Bunches of 0wned Boxes are called... Botnets
A botnet of T-800's would be an unmitigated DISASTER!!!!!!
Now, imagine if all these T-800 thingies were running Windows...
Don't blame me if that gives you nightmares- I didn't make you read this!
I'll leave you with one final thought (if you are a one of those poor, trench slogging, linear thinkers, you might not want to bother with this one it may mean nothing to you.)
Here it is...