I must be delirious!
Intending to make my foggy way to slumber, I made one last concession to consciousness and checked my email for any late breaking excitement (Like that's ever happened!)
But tonight proved to be an exception.
There, in my inbox, MY INBOX, was an email from the FBI!
After laboriously wading through the twisted miasma of third world misspellings I concluded, regretfully, that I was not being offered a National Security Post and began entertaining a host of misguided notions. (Never a good thing) Armed with this follyful (shut up!) intent, I made my way to the FBI website. (I DID say misguided) with the intent of rudely thrusting some humor into the lives of our nations intrepid (but IMHO overly serious) G-men.
Wandering through the pages in a fruitless search for an actual email address to which to forward the above mentioned fractured bit of pseudo english prose, I "clicked" (sound becomes verb!) on a link that promised to send me to a page where I could find out about the very Top Security Post that our Nigerian brethren alluded to but never delivered.
What did I find???

You can't make this stuff up!