Well, the great Ice Storm of 2008 is slowly becoming a memory.
For those of you too busy exploiting windoze boxes to watch the news (OK to be fair, there COULD BE other reasons you missed it...) Here's the scoop:
On Dec 10th, an insignificant rainstorm decided to up the ante and invite a blast of arctic air to the party. Stubbornly refusing to give in to the lustful demands of said arctic air and become snow, our petulant mass of moisture laden air continued to spitefully spray water from its lofty height which the spurned arctic air-mass promptly froze upon landfall in a fit of jealous rage.
Although this little romantic interlude had exactly zero effect on our two star-crossed protagonists, it did, like congress battling with a chimpanzee- oops I meant the president (He doesn't look at all like a chimpanzee, just look at his ears ,,, wait, DON"T look at his ears! Or his eyes, or his... NEVER MIND!) Anyway, to make a reeeeeally long story short(er)- err...yeah, about that... We unsuspecting carbon based, bi-pedal life-forms in central Massachusetts got BURIED IN ICE!!!
NO INTERNET (My poor neglected bot-net, sob!)
For SEVEN Days!!!!!!!!
I now know that survival of the fittest is complete BUNK!!!
How do I know this???
Because my lazy- a## kids SURVIVED!!!
I did all the work and nearly didn't!!
Check out the photo's here:http://photobucket.com/Ice_Storm_2008