As some of you may know, the dc949 crew will be at Shmoocon 5, running a newly formed contest Barcode Shmarcode.

A bit different than our larger Defcon contest (oCTF), Barcode Shmarcode is a judged event.
What are we judging? That should be obvious by now, the Shmoocon barcode you use to get your con badge.

The idea is simple - Find the coolest, l33t3st, most outlandishly "h5ck3r" way to print out your ShmooCon ticket confirmation barcode. The only rule is your barcode has to scan and it has to be YOUR unique barcode. Winners will be granted bragging rights and maybe even a neat prize (okay, definitely a neat prize).
All barcodes will be judged by the following credentials:

* Originality
* Best use of theme
* Best use of materials
* Most error free scan

Were looking forward to seeing what people come up with. Good luck.