I know that a lot of this is preaching to the choir, but I have to just say something about the inauguration. I can sum up today's inauguration in two words: fucking pathetic.

In 2005 GWB was lambasted in the media for his inauguration. The media said that in a time of financial crisis he was spending money (40M of tax payer money) on a 'lavish celebration' that seemed more like a 'coronation' than an inauguration.

So, here we are in 2009. The country is in even worse economic shape than it was in 2005 and BHO has put on an inauguration thats worthy of NBC's 'Must Watch TV' line-up. He's exceeded what Bush spent on his inaguration both in terms of taxpayer money (44M and climbing) and private money. This is more like a coronation than anything I have ever witnessed in my life. Actually, its more like a roman circus to entertain the geat unwashed.

So, wheres the media outrage? where is the overwhelming outcry of 'WTF are you doing?' Its nowhere to be found. Same media outlets that panned the Bush inauguration are lined up like circus seals to suck cock at the big party.

As an American I am fucking pissed off. I am pissed that this guy had the opportunity to set the stage and live up to his promises of fixing the economy and getting us back on track and he could have started off by being fiscally responsible with the inauguration. Instead what is being sent is a message from BHO to the American people, a message that says 'SUCKERS!'. If I was a Democrat, I'd be livid. Livid that the guy who is supposed to help you take the moral high ground took a look at the last inauguration and said 'ya, I can beat that and i can do it with your money'. I'd be livid that he, on day one, has already crippled your ability to criticize the other party and not look like a completely hypocritical asshole in the process.

Get ready for 4 years of this bullshit. Get ready for 4 years of 'we're going to do exactly what we crucified GWB for doing, but get away with it because the liberal media prints what we say'. That's change you can believe in.