Make long story short, picked up a Card called AceKard 2 while moving through a sleep deprived stupor in a certain foreign country. It goes with Nintendo DS.

While not a general fan of games (old school-yes), The guy with the Demo, speaking very little English showed me it could play any list of games, movies and well you know the drill. I was able to buy the Nintendo DS for about $ 70.00 plus the card.

So I got the card, bought a 8 gig MicroSD and within about 2 hours had a couple of movies playing on it, a ton of games, an organizer and more. Not bad for a a card which basically was about 4 us$ or less than $ 100 for the entire platform.

I like the idea of what folks have been able to do to make the DS a workable platform, and personally it got me back into some level of gaming, carrying movies on it and even a experimental voip phone. Not bad for less than $ 100.

Yes, I'm easily amused, and the level of hacking to get this thing to work was very small. But it was fun. So little time to get it all working, but this ones a winner.

But it seems my niece is addicted to it, and I expect will have it when I leave. When I last saw her she was converting her Wall*E movie from christmas into a format that will fit on the DS.

Nuff said, just thought I would share. I never cared for the PSP, and I am required to carry a locked down Blackberry, so no Iphone for me. But the DS, Id recommend it for anyone wanting to drop less than a $ 100 for some fun.