It still remains a challenge to create a contest that is solvable by contestants but still challenging, engaging, and fun. Work on this year's Mystery Challenge continues.

It was good to see Neural show back up on the forums, he hasn't been around in a while. Mystery Challenge would exist if it wasn't for the work he did on the early versions of the TCP/IP embedded device competition.

K&T are hard at work on robots again, but I hope to see some rule changes from them. If everyone uses IR and an RC car it will prove to be a boring contest. Maybe I'll enter a quad crawler just for the novelty of it. I really appreciate the hard work those guys put in as well.

I guess i should sleep. Maybe someday I will.

Official registration for Mystery Challenge should begin soon. I am leaning towards a prequalification round again this year. I always have mixed feelings on that. It sure cuts down on my build work load to cut people out, but I'd like to see the contest grow as well. I believe last year I had more people competing in Mystery Challenge than competed in any other contest. Not sure.