Hi there,

I'm not a hacker (as the blog title so eloquently points out). I'm one of the guys on the other 'side of the fence' so to speak. I've been employed as a networking and security engineer for about the past 3 years or so and I am dedicated to stopping you evil malicious hackers, angsty bored teens and script kiddies from damaging the corporate networks I am responsible for protecting.

Personally the concepts and methods of hacking are very fascinating to me and in order to better serve my employer I think it is absolutely paramount that I keep my finger on the pulse of the evil-doers that reside on the internet tubes. I've been involved in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment to be sure and I'd like to think I can muddle my way well enough to provide a great level of security. I'm fully confident that I can design, build and implement network infrastructure that will thwart the best attempts from the best of hackers. (of course I do owe a certain someone a couple of steak dinners because I got 'pwned' by him).

I'm not here as an enemy, I'm here merely as an observer, to learn about emergent threats and methodologies that are used by the hacking community at large to try and circumvent the security measure I put in place.

In my line of work I deal with a large number of differing systems, be it windows, linux, solaris, IOS, or any number of custom compiled 'appliance' kernels (aka- IDP, SSLVPN, TCP acceleration and optimization devices, etc etc ad naseum).

Unfortunately, I also deal with the management asshats that view corporate IT as a cost center and really don't have a clue why someone like me exists or why they need to spend so much money on the things I tell them they should be doing. That's the part of the job I absolutely loath, that's not to say I can't make an excellent argument for implementing new security measures whether they be internal or external, user policy or system configuration. I'd like to think I'm kind of like a 'symbiote', feeding off the minds and discoveries of the hacking community and making my employers and their networks as difficult as I can to hack or penetrate.

To be sure, I wouldn't consider myself a 'hacker' more like a spy, watching you, waiting for you to post your newest brilliant discovery so I can create methods of defeating you and what you strive to do.

On a personal note;

I like puppies
and rainbows
and the gentle melodic crashing of the waves on an empty beach
and kittens
and run-on sentences
and beer (a little too much apparently)

but I don't like you, you damn hackers.

Of course it's a bit of a love hate relationship, you keep me employed. So for that I suppose I owe you a hearty thank you.

So thank you hackers, you make me money.

Keep up your nefarious work, but don't do it too fast and don't attack me, go get someone else.

Have a lovely day :-)