Hello again,

While I am new here at the DefCon forums, I'm fairly active on other forums that are specific to linux, fedora, security and internet gaming probably like a lot of you are. I've noticed a disturbing trend that is cropping up on Linux forums around the net and that is people advising others to disable SELINUX.

While I understand SELINUX can cause issues with certain applications behaving in a predictable manner, or behaving at all in some cases. Disabling this valuable security tool is like building a firewall and ending your access list with:

permit ip any any

SELINUX is there for a reason why would anyone in their right minds disable it?

I guess it's just that people aren't patient enough to actually read a log...or learn a few commands to be able to generate new policies or tweak existing ones so that they actually work with your applications.

SELINUX is an awesome tool, when it's friggin enabled!!!1