Monday 4/13: Weight (post work out, pre sauna, minus clothes) = 223.6lbs
Up at 0530. Took a large spoonful of Metamucil in some water. Hit the gym for about 90 minutes. Did close to 6 miles on the elliptical and burned 900 calories over a period of 60 minutes. Wound down in the sauna. Creepy fat guy came in to the largely empty sauna and sat right next to me..right next to me. This would be awkward anywhere, more so when we're both naked and in a small room. Breakfast was about 300 calories and came in the form of two cheese sticks (low fat) and a protein drink from the gym. No artificial sweeteners this morning, took my coffee with some nonfat milk.

Lunch was a mixed green salad with red/green peppers, kidney beans, and a few pieces of Buffalo chicken. Estimated calories around 600, if that. Starting to feel the effects of all this, I've noticed my temper is a lot shorter than usual and I'm a tad unfocused. A second non-fat latte has helped that. I have become very adept at running the fancy coffee maker.

Afternoon snack of a South Beach Bar, 140 calories

Dinner is a can of pinto beans and half a turkey kielbasa. About 700 calories

Total for the day = 1700 - 1800 calories

Tuesday 4/14: Weight 223.0
Up at 0530. Hit the gym, same routine as yesterday. Ended up doing 5.82 miles in 60 minutes and burning an estimated 982 calories. Breakfast came in the form of a protein shake and bar from the gym cafe. Total calories 360.

Lunch was a can of low fat chili (Nalley Valley) with some cheddar cheese and two turkey dogs chopped up in it. Estimated calories is around 680.

Afternoon snack was a South Beach Bar. Total Calories 140

Dinner: Chicken Saag (Indian food), couscous. Total (estimated) calories 610

Total for the day: Roughly 1800 calories

Wednesday 4/15: Weight 219.8

Starting to feel really run down. Getting out of bed at 0530 sucked. Did another 60 minutes at the gym, 6 miles, 900 calories. Splurged a little on breakfast and had two scrambled eggs with some cheddar cheese (roughly 600 calories).

Lunch was another salad. I didnt have time for anything better. About 600 calories there

Snack was a cheese stick, calorie cost..80

Dinner was some turkey tenderloin and asparagus, roughly 800 calories

Total for the day: 2080 calories

Thursday 4/16 : No weigh-in this morning
Skipped the gym this morning (intentional). Legs need a day off.
Today got away from me pretty fast. I ended up having a breakfast that consisted of a cheese stick (60 cal). Late lunch was some beef jerky, cashews, and three cheese sticks. Through a bit of an adventure I ended up spending yesterday evening in a dieters nightmare, the county fair. The county fair is home to my most dangerous food adversaries like the corn dog, strawberry lemonade, funnel cakes, and scones. I ended up having an all beef bratwurst with kraut, onions, and mustard (but no bun). I'm sure there was a days worth of fat in that thing, but at least without the bread its all stuff my body would deal with well. I managed to drink nothing but water and coffee while there. Later in the evening I ended up at a Chinese place with some friends and ate some of that cold, lean, bbq pork they serve with the spicy mustard.

The good news for today is that I had blood work done at the doctors office. HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, and blood sugar all look fantastic

Total for the day: Dont rightly know, I'm assuming 2000+ calories

Friday 4/17: No weigh in
Wanted to go to the gym but forgot do to laundry yesterday so I had nothing to work out in. Breakfast was a yogurt (170 cal) and coffee. Slept for shit so I cant tell if my current mood is the result of the diet or not sleeping.

Lunch was another salad (600 cal). I dont know why, but I'm not getting sick of salads. I actually really like eating them.

Took a nice several mile walk this afternoon to the grocery store

Dinner was chicken fajitas w/o tortillas. Red/green bell peppers, onions, fixins, chicken. Topped with some cheese and a side of fat free, vegetarian refried beans. I also put a splash of my favorite habenero sauce on too. 700 calories

Total for the day: 1470 calories. Whats interesting is that this the least amount of calories I've consumed in a day since I started this, but I feel the best and fullest. I think this means that the switch has been flipped and I'm starting to be comfortable with less food

Saturday 4/18
Breakfast was 160 calories worth of low sugar yogurt.
Lunch was a cheese stick (60) some almonds (170) and buffalo chili (~600).
Snack was a cheese stick. (60)
Dinner was more chili, but smaller in amount (~500)

Total for the day: 1550

Sunday 4/19
Breakfast was an omelet made with 2 eggs (367), turkey kielbasa (200), and some cheese (40)
Lunch was a feast of steak (130), asparagus (100), a chicken sausage (150), and elk (150)
Dinner was two elk, jalapeno, and cheddar sausages (500)

I couldnt even finish my omelet this morning, stomach is shrinking. Ate a lot of elk today, which is lean, but full of cholesterol.

Total for the day: 1637