So starting today, I'm getting off my ass and getting back into some good habits. Two weeks ago my co-worker was looking at some Defcon Shoot pictures and was asking about a particular gun (RPD). I was describing the gun when I noticed..holy shit, thats me. He said, almost off the cuff, 'what happened, you were so thin there'.

I'll be charting my progress here as well as listing what I'm doing for exercise and what I am eating. The idea being, make it repeatable.

Exercise: 4 days a week in the gym, minimum

Foods to eat: beans, legumes, lean cuts of meat, small amounts of cheese, nuts, veggies, foods that are low on the Glycemic Index
Dietary Supplements: Omega-3, a Multi-vitamin, and metamucil as a fiber supplement
Liquids: Coffee, Tea, Water

Foods to avoid: Obvious junk food and sweets, rice, potatoes, breads. Anything high in fat and/or sugar
Liquids to avoid: Soda, Diet Soda, Beer, Wine, Liquor