First week thoughts:

The Good:
No sugar or artificial sweetners (other than trace amounts in some products)
Avoided breads and starches
Good portion control. This happens by virtue of calorie counting, if you eat specific amounts of stuff, you know its nutritional/caloric value and don't have to guess as much.
Had a days worth of fiber every day

The Bad:
Probably more fat in my diet than I needed on a few days
Need to keep a better eye on cholesterol. The elk on Sunday threw me for a loop, one serving of lean elk has roughly 85% of your RDA for cholesterol.
Need to remember to take my multi-vitamin and my Omega-3 supplement.

Monday 4/20
Had hoped to wake up, hit the gym, and weigh in. Not falling asleep till 0300 killed that idea. Breakfast was coffee and a 2 egg omelet with cheese (600).
Got drug out to lunch. Healthiest thing I could find was meatloaf with bacon on it. I could have taken the bacon off, but screw that..its bacon. I did avoid the potatoes and stuck with asparagus. I'd overestimate lunch was 800 calories, may have been less, possibly more.
Did about 45 minutes of strenuous yard work till my mower suffered full structural failure
Dinner was more buffalo chili with 2 of those elk, jalapeno, cheddar sausages. Pretty beefy dinner weighing in around 900 calories.

Daily Total: 2300 (eep!)

Tuesday 4/21
Breakfast was a South Beach bar (140) and a yogurt*(60)
Lunch is left over fajitas (350)
Dinner is Chicken Tikka Masala (440) and couscous (200)

Daily Total: 1190 (yeah!)

*Best brand I have found so far is Dannon Light and Fit. 60-80 calories a pop and the lowest sugar of all the major brands. Works for me, YMMV

Wednesday 4/22 : Weight.....212.4!!! Over 10lbs dropped!
Up at 0530 and did the exercise thing. 60 minutes in the elliptical machine. Going to start working some weight training into my workout starting next week
Breakfast was a protein shake (140) and a protein bar (220)
Lunch was the 'ol standby of salad w/ buffalo chicken (450). I actually couldn't finish the chicken.
Dinner was the last precious elk/jalapeno/cheddar sausage (250) and the rest of my buffalo chili (500).

Total for the day: 1560

Thursday 4/23 : Weight 212.4 (creepy)
Same exercise routine as yesterday
Breakfast was a South Beach bar (140) and yogurt (80)
Lunch was a nearly averted disaster. Waited late to have lunch, ended up at Red Robin. I had a Whiskey River BBQ chicken wrap minus the ranch dressing, fries, and melon slices. Total Calories 776*
Snack was a cheese stick (80)
Dinner was indian and couscous (500). Then I fucked up. Fell off the wagon and had a slice of cheese pizza. 700 calories..thats right a slice of Costco cheese pizza is 700 calories.

Total for the day: 2276 (bleh, almost twice what I had Monday)
*Red Robin actually has a really neat, fully customizable, nutritional guide on their website. Tells you all sorts of stuff (except sugars for some reason)

Friday 4/24
No gym. Had to get up later to hit the UPS place.
Breakfast was a South Beach bar (140) and yogurt (80)
Lunch was salvadoran food. Black beans, green onions, carne asada, and these thick little corn tortillas. I know the tortillas are off my diet, but they were really good. I am currently feeling a blood sugar spike for the first time in almost 2 weeks, so it was probably a bad idea. Calories = 1000
Homemade stir-fry. Chicken, green and red bell peppers, onions, and buckwheat soba noodles. Flavored the chicken with Hosin sauce. Thats a good choice for folks with sugar issues, so many Asian sauces are full of sugar, but Hosin is pretty low. I tossed in a splash of hot pepper sauce to kick things up too. Calories = 500

Total for the day = 1720 (better)

Saturday 5/25
Slept in for the first time in a long time. Breakfast consisted of coffee as I jumped right into my day.
Lunch was a South Beach Bar (140) ,yogurt (80), and a serving of almonds (170)
Dinner was Salvadoran food. Steak, onions, beans, and some more of those little tortillas. Took most of it home though. 850 Calories

Total for the day: 1240

Sunday 5/26
Breakfast was the leftover Salvadoran food and some eggs. 700 calories
I dont think I ate lunch
Dinner was some skirt steak (522), asparagus (80), and a small amount of whole wheat bread (460) with some fat free cheese (45).

Total for the day: 1807