The Good:

Remembered the fish oil and multivitamin
Lost 12 pounds
Got over a lot of cravings and am happy with my new portion sizes.

The Bad:

Got kinda sloppy towards the end of the week.
Only hit the gym twice

Monday 4/27 -
Breakfast was 2 eggs with cheddar cheese (350)
Lunch was a tomato tortilla wrap with onions, lettuce, buffalo chicken, and a single slice of cheddar cheese (600)
Dinner was lettuce wraps filled with diced chicken, carrots, green onions, and red peppers. Sauce for the chicken was comprised of fat free sesame seed dressing, low sodium soy sauce, and garlic. (500)

Total for the day: 1450

Tuesday 4/28 : 211.4lbs

Hit the gym. Did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical machine then did some weight training. I focused on my legs today. I did do some lower back and upper body to round out the day.
Breakfast was another protein shake (140) and protein bar (220) combo. yummy
Lunch was at the Indian buffet. I had to be careful here. I had an ice cream scoop sized portion of basmati rice, small portion of tikka masala, some chicken shish kebob. Also, a small piece of naan. Not entirely within my diet confines, but i kept it sensible. (700)
Dinner was a steak and seafood platter at Outback Steakhouse. I ditched the garlic mashed potatoes for green beans (800)

Total for the day: 1860

Wednesday 4/29 : 210.8lbs
Hit the gym. 30 minutes of cardio as a warm up, then weight training on my upper body. I'm gonna feel that in the morning. Managed to get biceps, triceps, traps, delts, obliques, abdominals, as well as upper and lower back.
Breakfast was a protein drink (140). These protein drinks are pretty good. I dont like 'closed source' food you get with these gym diet programs, as it goes against my promise to make this diet repeatable by fellow hackers, but this one is really good. Its got 140 calories, 6 grams of fat, no sugar, and 20 grams of protein in it. After weights, its perfect.

Teriyaki 'lavash' wrap for lunch (500)

Dinner was Indian food and couscous (500)

Total for the day = 1140

Thursday 4/30
Breakfast was a ham and cheese omlete (400)
Lunch was two tacos al carbon with carne asada (300)
Dinner was Swiss steak with green beans and onions (600)

Total for the day = 1300

Friday 5/1
Breakfast was Indian food and couscous (350)..not sure why, that just sounded good
Lunch was a cheese stick (60), yogurt (80), and a serving of almonds (170)
Dinner was two tacos from Taco del Mar. Sadly that weighed in at about 900 calories

Total for the day = 1560

Saturday 5/2
What the fuck was I thinking today. I broke my 'no artificial sweetener' rule by having a diet RockStar (20). I was running late for Search and Rescue training. Lunch..oh sweet jesus..lunch ended up being 2 double hamburgers from McDonalds and a slice of meat pizza from Pappa Johns.
Dinner was a birthday party for my half sister. I had ribs, beans, bread, cake, ice cream..I've easily exceeded 3000 calories for the day, had a ton of sugar, and twice the fat i normally consume. I feel fucking horrible right now. Not just for breaking my diet, but i mean I physically feel fucking awful.

Total for the day = 3000+

Sunday 5/3

Breakfast was a sensible omelet with 2 eggs and some buffalo chili. Probably about 350 calories
Lunch was nothing more than a snack while we prepped BBQ for dinner, 200 calories
Dinner was some chicken sausage, a hamburger patty, asparagus, but I did have some strawberries with sugar free ice cream and handmade whipped cream. Total there was probably 1300 calories. I feel stuffed..

Total for the day = 1850