Despite finishing off last week with a ton of bad food, I'm committed to seeing this through.

Monday 5/4
Woke up late, no gym this morning. May hit it this afternoon. Breakfast was a cup of coffee. I need a good lunch to get me back on balance.
Lunch was a small order of Indian food from the cafe. Small amount of basmati rice, some sort of vinegar based sauce with chicken, and chickpeas. Also, a small piece of naan. About 450 calories
Dinner was 3 turkey franks, Hormel 99% fat free chili, and some cheese (590)

Total for the day: 1040

Tuesday 5/5 : 208.6lbs
Breakfast was a South Beach bar (140) and one of those protein drinks (140). Did the gym for 35 minutes of cardio and worked upper body today (another 45 minutes roughly).
Lunch is two hamburger patties (386) , 1 cup of fat free chili (240), and some cheese (60)
Broke down and had a beer, then again after hearing that some 3000 people got the you blame me..
Dinner was a concoction of left over chicken sausage (300), pinto beans (200), onions, low sugar bbq sauce (50), and water

Total for the day: 1516

Wednesday 5/6
Day off from the gym
Breakfast was coffee
Lunch was the left over sausage/bean/bbq mix with a hamburger patty crumbled up in there. Probably about 500 calories
Dinner is Chicken Tikka Masala, whole wheat Basmati rice, and whole wheat naan. I'm keeping the portion size on the rice WAY down same with the naan. Dinner came out to be about 550 calories. Strong sugar craving tonight for some reason.

Total for the day : 1050

Thursday 5/7 : 209.2lbs
Morning was spent at the gym. Cardio + legs today
Breakfast was a protein shake (140) as well as a cheese omelet (350) and 2 strips of bacon (75) .
Lunch was a birthday lunch for a friend. We went to Red Robin. I went with the Whiskey River Chicken Wrap (minus the ranch). That dinged me for about 700.
Dinner was a nice lean pot roast with green beans and carrots (500).

Total for the day: 1765

Friday 5/8
Breakfast was a fat free Yoplait (100) and a south beach bar (140)
Lunch was left over Indian, small portion, (400)
Not feeling well, so I had a snack later. Another SB bar (140) and a cheese stick (60)
Still really hungry, made a sandwich with some left over sausage (400)
Had salvadoran food again on Friday. Carne Asada, beans, and those little tortillas. They took so long getting me my food, I actually didnt eat very much of it at all. Maybe 500 calories worth of it. Took most of it home.

Total for the day : 1740

Saturday 5/9
Eggs and leftover steak (500)
Lunch was McDonalds. It was what was available. Dont you judge me. 700 calories and probably more fat than I needed in a day.
Dinner was a very small amount of Indian food, like maybe a cup and a half of basmati rice and chicken (400)

Total for the day: 1600

Sunday 5/10
Breakfast was found at Twede's Cafe. Yes, the same one from Twin Peaks. Yes, it was a damn fine cup of coffee (I didnt get a chance to try the cherry pie though).
Lunch was not happening, if you saw the portions at Twedes, you'd know why
Dinner was BBQ. Had way too much in the way of starch, fat, and sugar today. I dont know what it is about Sunday that does me in.

Total for the day: FAIL.