Lessons Learned So Far:
I do much better when I have a routine to stick to. I stray off my diet/exercise program when I lose structure (i.e. weekends).
Eating at home is the way to go. Not only can you control the ingredients, but you can also control portion sizes better.
If you do go out, ask for a to-go box when your food arrives. Immediately put half of your meal in it. Portion sizes in restaurants are just too big. Folks used to tell me that it was an 'American thing' but after going to the UK last year I can call bullshit on that. Their portions were just as large.
Dont hold yourself to a super rigid exercise schedule. Be flexible. I was trying to go Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri but it just wasnt working for me. So now I'm trying Mon, Wed, Fri. If you say 'i have to do it this way or i wont do it at all', then get ready for failure.

Monday 5/11
No gym. Seem to be suffering from some lingering chest thing.
Breakfast was yogurt (80) and a South Beach bar (140)
Lunch was Indian food from the cafeteria (500)
Dinner..ugh..was pizza. Pizza is my one weakness. Typically when I'm weak in willpower my fiancee is strong and vice versa. Last night we were both weak at the same time. 1200 calories and who knows how much fat later I found myself feeling pretty nasty. Body doesnt know how to handle that kind of stuff when you eat it irregularly.

Tuesday 5/12
Still with the chest thing. Its getting old..
Breakfast was a leftover slice of pizza
Lunch was a wrap sandwich with some chicken
Dinner was beef stew

Wednesday 5/13
Breakfast was a south beach bar and some left over steak in the fridge
Lunch was a couple of 'Al Pastor' tacos
Dinner was salad and whole wheat 'Pigs in blankets' made with turkey franks

Thursday 5/14 : 208.4lbs
Felt much better today, so I worked out. I'm starting to hit that plateau. I'll be changing things up a bit to get off of it.
Breakfast was a protein drink and coffee. I never got around to actually eating solid food.