now i have one,

OK, this will be my second Defcon, i got n00b sharpie'd all over me,
this Defcon is going to so much different than last year, in that year, i have met more people, i have people to meet up with this year! beer to buy people! people to get drunk with, discussions to delve into it is going to be shit hot!
but, this Defcon also falls just before a rather major event in my life, upon returning from Defcon i will be getting married.

also, married in West Africa! something I never thought i would be doing that's for sure, so this means, Defcon 17 is going to be my Bucks Night, Vegas will be my last experience as a "free" man(although I say that, my wife-to-be would never make me un-free, but it feels good to say it)

My dad, when hearing I would be in Las Vegas said, "hey, I'm in the UK at the same time! hell, ill fly over and meet up with you" so now, my dad is going to attend Defcon with me! I know he will love defcon, sure it is a Hacker convention, but you don't need to be a hacker to enjoy...or maybe there is a little hacker in my dad......

if there is a better way to spend the last few days of my life as a single man, I would sure like to hear it.