So, for the few of you who've been following my weight management blog, you may have noticed that I stopped around week 4. I actually continued my diet into week 5, but stopped updating my blog.

Here's the deal. I hit a weight plateau. Rather than frantically trying to figure out how to get off it, I reached out to some of my goons and asked what they do (a number of our DEFCON security folks work out a lot). The advice I got basically boiled down to this: My diet was effective in its goal, but my body had gotten used to it. So the solution here was to go off my diet for a bit, even putting a few pounds back on, then going back on it with some slight modifications.

So I went off my diet. This worked out well on the timing because I had to spend the last several weeks frantically preparing for LayerOne down in Anaheim as well as getting on top of all that work in the office that needed to be done before I left to go to my conference.

Now I'm back home, a lot less stressed (stress adds weight like a mofo and makes it hard as hell to drop too) and ready to go back into this thing. Now I am going to be making some changes to my diet and exercise regimen.

First, I will be focusing on cardiovascular exercise only. Weight training put me into the classic bind of wanting to lose weight and build muscle. Things dont work like that, you get to pick one or the other. In this case, dropping weight is the desired result. So, I will go back to doing varied cardiovascular exercises. Varied so I don't fall into a pattern that my body can adapt and adjust to.

Second I will be continuing with my diet as I had before with one noticeable change. I will be engaging in a practice called Caloric Sliding. Rather than looking at calories per day, you look at calories per week. Say you eat 14,000 calories a week. Take a day at random and say you'll increase your intake that day by 1000 calories. Now short the other days the difference. So rather than eating 2k calories every day, have a 3k calorie day and eat 1800 on the others. Now, change the day you spike regularly. This will prevent your metabolism from getting comfy.

My security guy who explained this to me helped shed some light on a phenomenon I had been noticing. Sometimes I would fall off my diet for a day or so and eat bad food and be lazy. I would then short my caloric intake to 'make up for it' and get my ass back into the gym. After this happened a few times I noticed that it seemed to almost spur weight loss. Now I know why.

So, while I will miss my week and a half of Carls Jr and pizza, its time to get back into the saddle.

Expect more updates soon!