So, for the last month or so, I've been attending some sort of *VENDOR* *SECURITY PRODUCT* "tech" talk that is more like a marketing lecture via conf call. I'm not too impressed with the *SECURITY PRODUCT*, to tell you the truth...but it impresses me less when it's advertised to the nerds as a series of technical presentations when it is obviously not. Attending these lectures is mandatory.

So, for the last month, I've been spending my Monday mornings looking like I'm logged in to this lecture, and use the hour and alternative phone to prank call some elevator in BFE for shits and giggles.

"Take off your pants! Now salute me! I can see you in the camera, motherfucker, MOVE-IT-SHAKE-IT-DO-IT!"

Yeah. I never claimed I wasn't a fucking hypocrite. :)

However, I think I've been discovered. The number to the elevator now re-routes to a CO in BFE, and I'm not sure what it does, but it sure is very interesting. Its an automated dealie, all DTMF-operated, that gives you tons of information about the CO, it's equipment, and allows you to route yourself through their switches and make outbound calls. I think. It sure sounds like it, anyways. Unlike any number I've ever had before.

It's a really cool find. Thus, Monday mornings are about to get a whole lot more interesting. =) But I think for the remainder of the week....well, I think I might slide that number past my buddy, Steve. He's unemployed -- he has more time on his hands than I do, these days. I just have Monday mornings free.

I just never outgrew the phone thing, I guess. Sometimes I feel like a real sophomoric brat, with all the prank calls and dicking around I do...STILL. You'd think one would outgrow pranks.

Another thing I like to do on Mondays is assist the networking department newbies with solutions to tech support calls. Whenever they get a call to the tune of "I don't have a connection to the *whatever*", I tell a few idiots that they don't need to login to a switch to see if some cat5 is getting link...just unplug the cable and put it to your tongue.

"This method will also tell you what port speed its set steady jolt for 10/100, 3 quick jolts for 10/100/1000! Tons simpler than logging into the router...I can't believe you guys haven't heard about this!"

You wouldn't believe how often that works.

Tired. Must sleep. The search for DC lodging is looking pretty grim. I'll keep searching, but I don't have much time or money, these days. Accidentally fucked up my finances on a Cisco 2821 ballah-ass router, as well as a ladies Movado diamond ballah-ass watch. Whoops! My bad. :(