So I've hit that magic time again where I sit in my lab and survey the surroundings- Waist deep in the chaff of making mystery I find myself wondering- will it be too easy this year? Too hard? Boring? Should this be the last year?

I am really considering putting a team together for doing next year's contest. I don't know. It's becoming a love-hate relationship- I've always enjoyed the fact that I work solo on the Mystery Challenge- working alone has rewards, and punishments.

Every year the number of people who offer to help grows, and it is nice that people care enough to see my creation continue that they offer their help. Some actually get offended when I tell them that it's kinda "my thing" to do all of Mystery Challenge alone. (I pride myself on the security surrounding the details of my contest- heck it was the security of the first year that drove the contest into the spotlight)-

Nothing will ever top the first year, when nobody (myself included) knew what to expect- The anticipation was opiate for both the contestants and for me-

And now I sit here in the lab, with that one, all important question:

Is this year's contest fun?

Because really, that's the point.

I hope it is.

I hope the teams enjoy the many hours of my life I gave the contest this year.

Only after I know that can I answer the question "Will you do this again next year?"