Well, seeing as I didn't feel like dealing with paying for more bandwidth a month, I'm sitting in a barnes and noble, reading 2600 and a calculus book, waiting for the latest episode of stargate: universe to finish downloading. As of right now the connection is going at a paltry 165Kbit/sec which is a bit depressing. I'm under the assumption this is simply a soft limit in order to allow uniform access to the internet to all their customers, however it is a bit of a disappointment as I didn't want to sit here for two or three hours (my battery wouldn't last that long anyway) and wait for the download to finish. Seeing as I don't normally do this sort of thing, I was wondering if it is common practice to limit bandwidth per connection. I would assume it would be seeing as it benefits all users on the same network. However who knows, maybe bn is just ahead of the curb when it comes to network management.