Meh, I doubt anyone will really read this, but since I'm a n00b, I figured I'd give a brief history.

I'm not knowledgeable enough to be considered a hacker yet, but I am a geek trying to enter the information systems security field. I'm trying to learn what I can, and this seems to be a very good place for learning. I previously earned a Bachelor's in Political Science (bleh, boring!), but I finally gave in to my love of computers and technology and decided to get a degree in Information Systems Security. I spent over a year reading programming manuals and books on hacking, networking, and related topics. Then I finally started my classes in August of this year. My classes run in 8 week semesters. Thank God I had a lot of transfer credit, and I am technically a junior at present. So far I have completed Information Security, Cyber Law, and LAN Technologies classes. I am currently taking Computer & Network Security, Information Assurance, and Attack & Defense.

In my short time on the forums here, I have learned a lot already. Although I was already interested in the topic, I started out researching "cyberwarfare" for a class report and discovered that "cyberwarfare" is a cliche, all-encompassing layman's term for anything dealing with technology-based information warfare and cyber terror. The media, the military, the govt, and several academic circles seem to love the term, but true experts do not prefer it. I spent a few days "presearching" as I call it - simply gathering sources and glancing through a few to get a general idea of the topic. Now I am in the research phase and actually going through these sources to weed out the sucky ones and to see which ones will be most relevant for my paper. The people here who have contributed to my research have led me to some pretty good stuff and have given me a fresh perspective. It's a lot better than the media's freak-out fest surrounding the topic. I'm interested in the area of information warfare and cyber terror beyond just this paper. I really want to dig even further into the topic for my senior project (next year) and get a related Master's within the next several years. I'm just a student & researcher now, not an expert - but I hope to be someday

Outside of technology, my interests are apologetics, kickboxing, and anime (particularly cyberpunk anime). I also play Rock Band sometimes, which is how I got my screen name in the first place. It started out as a joke between me and my husband to name my character something weird. "Agent" was due to a joke about working for the CIA, "Dark" because I almost always wear black (no, I'm not goth), and "Apple" because I <3 Apple products. After that, it just sort of stuck.