First of all, I love my mac, say what you will about apple, but I still like my mac. It's cute and it works. In the end that's all I can really ask for in a computer. So when I found out that as a student I get things discounted (suckers) I realized, might as well actually buy a copy of software so I'm not a total douche. So this morning I spent a fair amount of time setting up my macbook to dual boot (which required a format and reinstall of of OS X cause I'm an idiot) and then loading up a copy a of XP so I could run the windows 7 upgrade. While the majority of the time was spent on the XP front (M$'s fault but to their credit the win7 install was VERY smooth) so I'm now running 10.6 Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. My biggest complaint of the entire thing was when I first downloaded the software. Unfortunatly it seems the peopel who are in charge of distributing the MS software don't believe in those crazy new fangled formats, like ISO. They use tried and true extensions I shit you not. On top of that they were stupid enough to set the executable to 64-bit so you couldn't make a bootable DVD without hacking it together using like OCDISO. Thankfully I had a bunch of blank DVD's and a boss who likes to experiment.

So far win7 seems decent, it's a little annoying at times, there are several things I dislike about it (obscene memory usage, annoying way of still being my baby sitter) However there are severl things I do like, the fact they have a really nice preview system using the icons. I think they could do it better, but they definitely are on the right track. Another thing I like is how they have finally tried to integrate things together and make it feel more like a cohesive OS rather than just a patchwork. They were starting to do that with vista and now I think they are really stating to make strides. I do find it comical they seem to still be obsessed with animation for everything when it's completely unneeded. The file transfer dialogue box was comical. I was like, wow this is pretty.....useless but pretty. I haven't really had the chance to mess around with it however I will give more posting about my experience with it on a macbook.