Okay first of all in defense of toorcon, I like toorcon, it's fun, it's a great learning experience. Now on to the show. This week has been a long week, and you know, it's really important to have at least a week before a con to 'rest up' as it were in preparation for a con, or else you'll end up crashing out and not having any fun. I didn't have the energy to go to Toorcon. I'm glad I didn't go, I would have been as much fun as a wet blanket. I did however go to an orchid show (which was kind of boring) and then went to the zoo, which was totally awesome. I got to see a lot of animals I'd never seen before in real life, only in pictures (Llamas, camels) and I especially loved the giant turtles. Now why was this better than Toorcon? Quite simply, it was more relaxing, and it didn't require me to think as much as say, a talk about the latest vulnerabilities in SSL certificates.

While I love cons, I'm not sure I would have been much fun at this one this year. I hope everyone enjoys themselves and stays safe.

Later Days