I don't want to bug anyone by starting a whole thread on this, but I have to do a paper about honeypots/honeynets/honeyclients for another class. I've found a lot of good resources on Safari Online, stuff about the Honeyclient Project, etc. I don't need as much in depth research for this as I needed for the IW paper, but if anyone has any recommendations for resources, real life experience with honeypots, or wants to voice their opinion on if the things should be legal or not, please leave a comment or send a PM.

Also, if any of you want to recommend other resources for something other than my paper topic, here is a list of some of the stuff that interests me as far as hacking / info systems security / programming / technology / geekery in general:

-anything I might need to know for CISSP or GIAC
-anything I might need to know for the Certified Ethical Hacker certification
-anything and everything about information warfare or about new technologies that could be used for it
-computer forensics
-anything about OO programming and techniques to write more secure software
-anything about securing Macs and iPhones
-Cyberpunk anime recommendations
-any new or current technologies that remind you of something from Orwell, Huxley, or Masamune Shirow
-any sites along the lines of Science Daily or Wired or FAS
-green technology, solar power, etc.
-anything else I SHOULD learn that I may not even be aware of yet

I'm not asking for spoonfeeding - I'm willing to read the books/sites/manuals, etc. - I'm just not always sure where to start looking once the search engines dry up. And I know some of the best stuff out there doesn't show up on Google.