I finished the paper and slide show on Honeypots and turned them in this morning. About to put the finishing touches on the Information Warfare paper so I can turn it in later today. Trying to finish the DDoS one sometime tomorrow, even though it isn't due until the end of next week. After all, the sooner I finish my papers and exams, the more free days I have before my new semester starts. Need to get the Christmas shopping out of the way!

I'll let you guys know when the Information Warfare paper is up for sharing.

My courses for next semester start on Dec 7, and I'm supposed to be taking three more classes: Countermeasures, Risk Management, and OS Hardening and Security. I don't have the books yet, but they are supposed to be: Network Defense and Countermeasures: Principles and Practice by Easttom, Network Security Assessment : Know Your Network, 2nd Ed by McNab, and the CIW Operating Systems Security manual. If anyone can recommend other relevant books then I'd appreciate it, as our textbooks often only scratch the surface. I have a Safari Online subscription, so I have access to a lot of material, but I do often need guidance in choosing which books will give me the best info.