Hello there everyone I am a new person to this forum. I have just got my first warning in how I post. I guess I did not read the rules please forgive me. I stumbled on to this site a while back and figured I would join it. Due to my busy life it has been some time since I have really been able to do some searching on this forum as well as reading. I wish to learn from reading books in the field of computers as well as from other insightful people such as people on the many forums. I am not above research. Just ask my local book store. I am new to this and really don't know where to start.
I am an average person on the computer as far as when it slows down what to do to fix it. Also viruses pop up and I work on these to try and fix them via what ever software I have on my computer. Internet problems, simple computer glitches also the security side of computers interests me. Then there is also programming I see this and it is a big deal but again I wish to learn.
There is so much out there I wish to learn about and just don't know where to start. My local community college has many different areas I could go for like information system field and programming. But again I am not sure. So here I am getting my first start into computers wish me luck.