So, on my job hunt I've been interviewing around town with various companies and doing quite well or so I thought. I've recently got some feedback that kind of threw me for a loop. Despite being very clear I'm willing to work for "less" money than I am "worth" because of the current economic situation, I've been told no less than 4 times now things like,

they were super impressed but felt that they probably couldn't offer you a salary in line with your qualifications
said that they were all worried that you were going to ask them a technical question that they could not answer!
I sure wish I needed a "security guy" but all I need is an administrator
All this kind of has me thinking, what the hell? Doesn't being a "security guy" mean that I know not only how to administer the systems but also secure them? I mean what good would I be as a security specialist if I couldn't perform basic system administration tasks?

And the whole over qualified question, I mean, has anyone looked around lately? The economy is in the shitter, I'm willing to work for a hell of a lot less than you'd pay in a good why balk at someone that has alphabet soup after their name?

I don't expect answers just venting I suppose, I had some good interviews lately and hopefully I'll get some traction at those places.

le'sigh, at least there's consulting that keeps me off the streets....